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What is the Music City Power Squadron?

The Music City Power Squadron (MCPS) is one of the 450 squadrons in the United States. The MCPS began in 1992 when local members met with representatives from District 17 and the Huntsville Squadron to lay the foundation to build a local squadron in Nashville. It began as a division of the Huntsville Power Squadron in 1992, held it's organizational meeting to petition for it's own charter in August 1995, and was chartered in January of 1996 at the annual meeting in Miami, Fl.

MCPS currently has about 70 members dedicated to self-education, civic service and social activities. Member education is stressed.

A number of nautical courses are offered yearly and are taught in an educational environment. One civic service provided by the members of the Music City Power Squadron is the Americas Boating Course offered at various times throughout the year. For more information on this course, either go to the Course tab or click here.

Regular membership meetings offer programs that are both interesting and instructive, as well as a chance to meet with other members. In addition, social affairs are a regular part of the calendar with a number of on-water and off-water events. ,Our members meet the second Monday of each month starting with social time at 6:00 P.M. and meeting starts at 6:30 P.M. ,The meeting location varies from month to month so please look at the Calendar,,in the,Events tab for more information and location.

If you are interested in joining the Power Squadron or interested in taking the America's Boating Course visit the appropriate link.

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Come for the Boating Education......                                

                                                   .......Stay for the FriendsSM


Nashville Boating

Upcoming Events and Educational Opportunities:

See Events Calendar for details for these events and more.

8 May - TWRA Presentation

20 May - Vessel Safety Inspection and Cook Out

3 June - Vessel Safety Inspection at Cedar Creek Yacht Club

10 June - Raft Up - Spencer Creek

21 August - Solar Eclipse Raft Up




SAFETY TIP ON ELECTRICAL SHOCK DROWNING (ESD) BY DIY AC SAFETY TEST FOR BOAT AND DOCK OWNERS.  All boat and dock owners must check your AC electrical system for stray current that could cause electrical shock and potential death to swimmers.  It could save a life.


2016 Bridge Leadership

Commander -

Cdr Ray Alley, AP-IN

Squadron Education Officer -

Lt/C John Miller, AP-IN

Administrative Officer -

Secretary -

Lt/C Barry Cleveland, AP

Treasurer -

Lt/C Bobby Naylor, AP

Assistant Secretary for I.T. -


Flag Lieutentant -


Member-at-Large -

1/Lt Jane Malatak, P

P/C Bruce MacDonald, AP

1/Lt Jack Rubey, S

Rules Committee Chair -

P/C Ken Holbert, AP

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